Turning 23

My room is messy, cluttered, and a bit chaotic. I'd like to be poetic and say its a reflection of my current headspace, however in reality I know I've just been lazy. I thought by this age I'd be a bit better at keeping my room tidy. In fact, I didn't think I'd still be …

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I quit my law degree..

I quit my law degree. One of the biggest decisions so please don't judge me because this is what I currently feel like.. Cue long post...  It seems that now, four years post finishing high school, my Facebook news feed is beginning to enter that phase of life where the BIG things happen. There are …

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Leeds: An Industrial Past

For about three months now, I've been living in the northern city of Leeds in the county of Yorkshire, England. I'm originally from the sunny, industrial beach city of Newcastle in Australia so the transition to another city with an apparent industrial background has been interesting- there are some similarities in both places. Leeds is …

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