Moody March Playlist

Ahhh the monthly playlist is back. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough ~passion~ for new tunes in February and was very content listening back on the tunes of January and December. The past few weeks have been really busy but have been really great. A few too many hangovers, but a lot of dancing. I saw Holy Holy live with my friend Em, went to the beach a LOT, and booked my flights to Europe in June. Everyone is now back at school or uni, and with me taking some time off it’s left a lot of room for reading novels, drawing, beach time and listening to music. If you like it, the Spotify playlist is down the bottom if you want to go give it a follow/Listen!

DMA’S – In The Air

So. I only heard this song the other day. And it has been on repeat. I’ve been going through a bit of an Oasis love again this month – as you will see later in the playlist, and when I heard this played on Triple J it just clicked how DMA’s are like the modern answer to Oasis. You probably knew that already, but I was amazed by this realisation. This song is so nostalgic – ie my favourite kind of song apparently, all of these blog posts have made me realise I’m just obsessed with reflective love songs hahaha. I can already tell this will be one of my favourite songs of this year. LOVE it.

James Taylor – Fire And Rain

So this is a throw back to way before I was born. But oh how beautiful is this song. Dad used to play it a lot on family holiday road trips. It reminds me of the Blue Mountains and driving through bushland in winter. It deserves more love these days guys so please give it a whirl… “… but I always thought that I’d see you one more time again..”

Turnover – Super Natural

Another discovery through good old triple J with the help of trusty old ‘Shazam’. This song is very dreamy and melancholic but in a happy kind of way. I don’t know how I’ve never heard of this band before, it definitely feels very much in line with my love for Wolf Alice and Hatchie. A very pleasant surprise on the few minute drive home from work in the car.

The Moving Stills – Nineteen

The Moving Stills, a good old Newy/Central Coast band and they’re bloody brilliant. I love that this song is about not wanting to turn nineteen, it’s so relatable [to me now almost about to turn twenty three.. help]. As they say in the lyrics ‘well I’m not that young anymore’.

Ocean Alley – Confidence

A new song out of Ocean Alley which is oh so smooth and sexy. This song makes me want to groove. Maybe with a cocktail in hand.

Oasis – Half the World Away

So, as I said earlier, I’ve been having a bit of a renewal of love for Oasis. Which I might add, is a little bit late as I saw Liam Gallagher play, in the pouring rain, at Falls Festival over new years. I always seem to love bands AFTER I see them. I’ve been re-listening to their old music [as well as discovering some songs I’ve not heard before] but this song has a special place. Also the cover done by Aurora is so sad and beautiful.

Wolf Alice – Bros

So, nothing will ever top ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’ or ‘Freazy’ by Wolf Alice, but this is still definitely up there. One of my favourite bands at the moment, thus it couldn’t be a playlist without a little bit of sweet Wolf Alice snuck in there.

Flowertruck – Dying to Hear

I discovered this song on Rage one morning [yes it’s still on TV, I listen to it before I work on Saturdays with my coffee and toast]. I was watching the music video, at first having a laugh at how much it was reminiscent of the Wiggles, but then I recognised the girl playing keyboard and realised she was a few years above me at school, so that’s quite cool. But aside from that fun fact this song reminds me a lot of the Cure? In particular Just Like Heaven? I think it must be the singer’s strong distinctive voice. Very late eighties sounding. Very groovy.

Alt-J – Dancing in the Moonlight [Got Me in a Spotlight]

I found this one on one of my sister’s playlists. Alt-J’s covers have such a atmospheric, gentle quality. This is that at its peak. So soft and peaceful. Perfect cover.

Boo Seeka – Does This Last

I was very late to the Boo Seeka party, having heard of them but never taking the time to look up any of their music. I heard this song for the first time in a Spanish Tapas restaurant in Noosa, Queensland whilst on holidays with my family. Good old shazam saved the day and I’ve been playing it on repeat the past few weeks. They’re playing in Newcastle in March and I’m very much tempted to get a ticket. We shall see.

Flyte – Victoria Falls 

Despite my passion for music, I do not have Spotify Premium. I know. I just have never bothered to set it up, and I deal with the annoying ads. So, this tune was one of those suggested tracks that comes up randomly when listening to your own curated playlist. Usually I try and skip, however this one actually made it permanently onto the playlist. It’s catchy ok!

Gang of Youths – Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane 

Their latest album in its entirety is a blessing to our Aussie music scene, and I love every song, but in the past week this song has really hit a place that I hadn’t really noticed before. How this track doesn’t have more recognition baffles me, it’s so beautiful. Go do yourself a favour and listen to the album, Go Farther in Lightness (if for some reason you haven’t already), but focus on a few of the songs that didn’t make the Hottest 100 these less air played gems of the album.

Sticky Fingers – Rum Rage 

An oldie, but a goodie. I miss the music of Sticky Fingers, so chill and PERFECT. This song seems to fit perfectly in the balmy evenings we’ve been having lately. I remember seeing that at Falls Festival back in 2014/2015, a month after Mum passed away. They were there through that time. So they’ll always have a special place for me. I hope the band’s hiatus doesn’t last too much longer, rumour has it they’ve been recording.

Rex Orange County – Loving is Easy 

This song makes me want to sing and dance around and drink with friends. I need to lear the lyrics better so I can actually do all three of those things with equal grace. Give it a good ole listen to finish off the playlist. Also the best music video of the lot guys.

So there we have it guys, a very moody March playlist. Spotify playlist of all songs mentioned will be below. Happy Listening!

Amelia x



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