Groovy January Playlist

Oh hey, it’s a new year and I’ve taken three weeks of it to write anything. Well done Amelia. What have I been up to? I’ve been busy starting the year at Falls Festival, followed by a whole lot of working and catching up with friends. To start off the new year I have some new songs I’ve been listening to on repeat which fill me with nostalgia, the beach and a whole lotta dancing. This playlist has no theme, it really is a bit of everything. Hope you find a song you may not have heard before, or reignited a bit of love for an older one you haven’t heard in a while. There will be a Spotify playlist of all these songs down below if you want to go and give that a follow.

  1. Hatchie – Sure

To start off the playlist for this month it had to be this absolute gem of a performer. I heard this tune on the way home from the beach with my friend Keira and as she perfectly said there are definite Alanis Morisette vibes here. It just feels like it’s straight out of the 90s. I showed it to my Dad and he said it reminded him of The Cranberries, whose song Linger became a bit of an anthem when him and my Mum when lived in Cooks Hill in the 90s. She only has a few songs, but they’re all pretty great. She’s playing a show in Sydney in February for only $10 if you want to see her play.

2. Boo Seeka – Does This Last

I never had really listened to Boo Seeka until a couple of months ago. I guess a lot of his songs hadn’t made a lasting impact on me. I was in a restaurant on a family holiday and this song came on. It was one of those songs which instantly stayed with me and I’ve played it on repeat the last few weeks. It’s so beautiful.

3. Glass Animals – Life Itself

I recently got back from Falls at Byron Bay and Glass Animals were such a standout performance of the whole festival. We played this song on repeat at the campsite and upon learning the lyrics we were a little bit confused about what the song is actually about. Aside from that, this song is just SO GOOD. It makes you want to dance and it’s so fun. Thank you Glass Animals.

4. Foster the People – Sit Next To Me

This song is so smooth and juicy and ahhhhh I love Mark Foster. Another stand out from Falls. The chorus is what makes this song so great. So funky. A bit of a different music video too.

5. Wafia – Only Love

Interesting back story to Wafia, back in my days of tumblr as a teenager, I followed Wafia’s tumblr and downloaded some of her original songs back before she was signed. She used to have a lot more of a Daughter inspired sound, and I remember thinking how talented she was. Now she’s grown up and so has her sound. We saw her at Falls and it was so amazing to see how happy she was that the crowd knew the words to her songs. She said this song was about the first time she fell in love with a girl. Its a very heartfelt song. Love.

6. Kllo – Virtue

This song has such a great beat, and holds a lot of suspense throughout the entire song. It’s really fun to drive to. Makes me wanna get up and do things. Give it a listen.

7. Zeds Dead – Too Young

So apparently this song came out a year ago when I went to find the music video, yet I’ve only heard it recently.. However it’s still a banger and its a bit different to the kind of music I normally like, but it’s so damn catchy. Kinda makes a bit of reference to society’s addiction to social media and the online world, as one of the comments on the video says, it’s a kind of bittersweet truth.

8. Conan Gray – Idle Town

I don’t know if this song is in Spotify, but it’s worth a listen on YouTube anyway. Conan Gray is a super quirky American Youtuber and song writer. I heard this song about half way through last year and fell in love. The vocals are so dreamy. It’s such a beautiful song reminding me of my final years of high school.

9. Maggie Rogers – Alaska

Oh what a voice, so unique. This song makes me want to be more confident and walk off all my silly concerns. Plus she’s a massive babe. Love it.

10. The Babe Rainbow – Peace Blossom Boogy

How bloody good are the Babe Rainbow? Do they also make you wish you lived in the late sixties and were a hippy all about peace and love? This song makes me want to leave my job and go on a long road trip with friends up the coast. It’s groovy.

11. Hatchie – Try

Just for good measure, putting in Hatchie’s other big song Try. Just as nostalgic to those 90s dreampop songs, this song is beautiful. Also if you want to see how passionate you can be about this song, please watch this video. It is bloody hilarious.

12. Fountaineer – Still Life

Deep and broody with a bloody brilliant beat. It has the absolute broodiness of Nick Cave. And that’s saying something.

13. Fazerdaze – Lucky Girl

For some reason this song reminds me of when I was about 12 and there was this TV show I used to watch and it reminds me of the intro song but in a more modern and indie music kinda way. Oh wow my descriptions are getting worse. Fazerdaze is the project of Amelia Murray (yay for another Amelia!) from Auckland, New Zealand. Give this song a whirl.

14. Vallis Alps – So Settled

Ahhhh a new tune by my faves Vallis Alps! This one is a bit more upbeat than some of their usual stuff and is so funky. Love it.

15. Ocean Alley – The Comedown

This song, as the title suggests, has the slow rhythm of the morning after a big night. You know when getting up and everything seems like an immense effort? Nothing has quite clicked into gear. It works though. Very groovy.

16. Greta Stanley – When January Comes

Not only is this song very sweet and sad, in a very Lisa Mitchell esque way, the song is perfectly timed for January.

18. Ball Park Music – The Perfect Life Does Not Exist

To end the playlist we’re going to end it with a song which we all need to hear. I really love the direction Ball Park Music have taken their music. This song feels reminiscent of the Shins, which is something I’m never going to complain about, New Slang is one of my favourite songs of all time. This song is great to start the year with, we all have these resolutions to make our lives live up to some higher pedestal for success, but in a lot of ways, letting go of a lot of the worry for that makes everything a whole lot less stressful.

So there you have it, the monthly playlist. Hope you enjoy, and here’s the link to the Spotify playlist.


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