For the love of Magazines

IMG_9729 (1)I was at the hairdressers at the age of about eight or nine, that age where your brain actually thinks you’re a lot older than your appearance gives the impression of. It was the age where I really began to have a love for reading. I remember gouging on Famous Five books and eagerly trying to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban before the film came out [so Mum would let me actually see it]. So I remember sitting at the salon with Mum and my hairdresser Alana snipping away, and I must have looked very bored gazing off into the mirror, as I was given a stack of Interior Design magazines. I remember flicking through the pages, and while most eight year olds would not find interest in wallpaper or dining rooms, I loved the pictures and the experience of reading the magazine, it was where my love for interiors began, but further the beginning of my love for magazines. I remember it was both a feeling that I was an equal to Mum, reading a magazine must have been something I associated with maturity, my Mum loved a cup of tea with her Better House and Gardens or Women’s Weekly after school, so whether eight year old Amelia actually liked it as much as my nostalgic memory suggests, or whether it was more a feeling of maturity given to me at a young age, it sparked a past time which has carried throughout the years.

Archie-Roach-Dumbo-Feather-magazine-1200x800Despite everything in the news -quite ironically – telling us that print media is a dying industry, I think the past time of reading magazines has a level of nostalgia to it, and for me personally, it’s a time to sit, read and disconnect from my phone or laptop for a little while. To completely immerse myself in the design, the images and the articles. There is something quite palpable about physically holding a real magazine, rather than on digital mediums. So many unique and hilarious stories I’ve read through the pages of various magazines, so many sources of inspiration in my art making, my writing, my fashion, my music taste and my interior design inspiration have come from the pages of magazines.

tumblr_lrx8bbuWEq1qzo9ifo1_400From the pages of interior magazines when I was a kid, came the teenage years which meant, with a little more pocket money, I could afford my pick at magazines. It began with classic teen staples like Girlfriend and Vogue Australia but then I found what I thought was me as a magazine, all time favourite Frankie. Frankie is a bi-monthly magazine which has everything from fashion, to music, to craft, to random articles and everything in between. Each issue comes with its own poster you can tear out, and as a teen as any of my friends will tell you, I was a bit too obsessed with lining my walls with them.

From there, I also found interest in magazines such as minimalist mag Kinfolk and thought provoking Dumbo Feather whilst going out to cafés after school with Mum and my siblings. We’d read magazines in between chatter about what things had happened that day over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Perhaps this is why I still find reading magazines somewhat therapeutic in times of stress. The ritual of reading them after a stressful day with Mum has huge sentimentality for me on a personal level, and coming forward to now, in times of high pressure at uni, retreating from social media for 20 minutes to read and enjoy the content of printed magazines calms everything down for a bit.

The collection of Frankie magazines since I was 13 has certainly grown quite large, perhaps the only thing I’ve consistently ‘collected’ ever. They made me feel like I was cooler, more grown up, more like being the socially awkward teen I was, was actually okay. There is something so palpable about holding and consuming printed media, and now as a 22 year old, figuring out this thing called ~adulthood~ (ew), I love reading all different kinds of articles on and offline. Here is a collection of some of my favourites if you’re having a peruse in Coles needing something for the beach this week.



IMG_9737The veteran of my magazine collection, an Aussie staple, probably my favourite ever. Frankie has some really quirky articles, beautiful art and illustration, forward thinking fashion (including a lot of great Aussie designers), craft ideas, recipes and of course, arguably the best part, the pull out posters in each issue. For those of you who knew me in high school, you will remember my room, and how it was COVERED in Frankie posters. I was a bit obsessed. NO REGRETS I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE.

Collective Hub-

IMG_9741I only recently have started getting this magazine, perhaps due to the fact I should be trying to be an adult at some point soon. This magazine features a lot of articles about entrepreneurs, business owners, start ups and people that actually DO STUFF AND MAKE SOMETHING OF THEMSELVES AND HAVE SUCCESS. Wow. I love it. If you need a kick to get started and be motivated, give this mag a read. It really makes you want to do something of yourself.

Audrey Daybook-

IMG_9749Another recent discovery, a friend recommended this magazine to me. It only just started this year and is the perfect choice if you’re the kind of person who flicks through to the puzzle pages of the newspaper on the weekend. This magazine not only has fascinating articles, but in between is crosswords, word searches, colouring in pages and more. It’s perfect for rainy days with a cuppa. Will definitely be re-purchasing.



IMG_9744Oh Womankind, what a beautiful thing you are. I discovered this magazine in a café at university, and I think it was the magazine I’d always been looking for as it fulfils my ~nerdy, history loving, random information that I will never use~ side of my personality with articles on psychology, history, human rights, the human condition and everything in between. Beautiful quotes, book recommendations and powerful photography. Everything they publish is so unique to them as well, and really brings light on the power of female in history, present and future. Womankind to me is an ancient library laden with antique trinkets, old photo albums telling unheard stories, leather bound encyclopaedias of everything you never knew you needed to know. You drew me in with your cover of Queen Nefertiti (who is just so interesting, like how have they not found her tomb yet??) and yep, this magazine is definitely worth a nosey next time you see it at the news agency.

Amelia x



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