A Very Dreamy December Playlist

Oh so you’ve been looking for some chill tunes to play whilst driving past the beach on a Sunday arvo? I have some very relaxed tunes, and even if you don’t drive these are the perfect songs to relax to come into Summer. I go into the songs here, and I’ve made a public playlist on spotify if you want to listen to all of them here 🙂

  • Don’t Delete The Kisses – Wolf Alice

This song somehow encapsulates those feelings you have for someone at the beginning of a relationship, the combination of fear but also being just so wildly in love. Wolf Alice’s dreamy chorus, “What if it’s not meant for me? Love?” really I think dives into that part of all of our own self doubt when falling in love and oh I just love it. It brings back this dreamy nostalgia. And oh please watch the video, it just ties the whole thing together with a couple that is a little too attractive for their own good.

  • Chateau – Angus and Julia Stone

Oh, you want to continue that nostalgic magical tone? Angus and Julia Stone very much answer that with their new album, Snow, however Chateau brings back ALL the emotions. As my sister said, most songs get good about forty seconds in, and Chateau is no exception, in fact I feel like it just keeps building and getting better as they add more layers in. Julia Stone’s wispy voice makes this the perfect follow up on a December evening.

  • Better – Mallrat

Oh my god I’ve been obsessed with this song. I heard it on Triple J a few weeks ago and unashamedly have been playing it on repeat. How talented is this girl. It has some pretty heavy lyrics, however it still reminds me of that feeling when you finish school at the end of the year for Summer break and you’ve got all this time with your friends. It’s so good, also if you like, check out her song Tokyo Drift too.

  • Chasin’ – Cub Sport

I saw Cub Sport live a few weeks ago, and oh wow are they incredible. I started listening to them in Year Twelve whilst doing my Art major work for my HSC. I’d play them on repeat, so they always remind of calming me down in the stress of finishing that off. This song is just great, I’m not sure what to say about it but yeah just please give them a listen.

  • Oceans – Vallis Alps

Now, it wouldn’t be a chill and dreamy Summer playlist made by me if Vallis Alps weren’t included – everyone who knows me well knows my slight obsession with them. I honestly don’t know how people don’t love them but anyways that’s a discussion for another day. Oceans feels so pure, and ah I feel like it’s the perfect song to play getting ready in the morning because it just puts you in the best mood to start the rest of your day. Love. Okay so I went to post this and just found a brand new song by Vallis Alps, how exciting. It’s called So Settled, if you wanted to give it a listen.

  • Let Me Down Easy – Gang of Youths

Going a little less chill now, you’re ready for a bit of Gang of Youths who just won a bunch of ARIAs. I feel like I’m very late to the bandwagon and I’m so sad I am because how incredible are they?? I bought their new album on vinyl a couple of months ago and it has been on repeat in my house. And the drummer is from Newcastle? This song is just my personal favourite, but they’re all amazing. I’ll stop talking about them now, literally have been talking a LOT about Gang of Youths to everyone for ages now, but oh well, they’re great. They even have the awards to prove it now [not that they needed it].

  • The Others – The Jezabels

Another dreamy song by the Jezabels. Love it. Kinda makes me feel like I want to hire a van and go on a surf trip up the coast.. and I don’t even surf. That’s the definite vibes in that guitar riff we’re getting here.

  • Life Goes On – E^ST

Ah this song. This girl is insanely talented and I’m super keen to see what more she produces. If you’ve just been through a breakup this is your song, it kinda taps into that part of yourself where you’re all like yeah this ok, i’m ok, and quite literally as the lyrics say life goes on, but there is still that little tiny part of you still doesn’t quite want to let go of the whole thing. Lyrics on point. Love it.

  • True Lovers – Holy Holy

Holy Holy’s new album Paint is so great, not just because my relative James Drinkwater painted the cover artwork for it. This song has just got great guitar. Really great.

  • watch – Billie Eilish

Another young talent. It makes me feel a little bit jealous/sad that I have still yet to achieve anything as incredible as Billie Eilish’s music. The layers of her voice in this particular song with the building beats, ah its amazing. I need to think of some new adjectives apart from amazing. But it really is, she’s going to achieve big things.

  • Drive – Oh Wonder AND bonus other song called Drive – Gretta Ray

So I couldn’t decide between these two.. I’ve been loving them for a while but here’s both. Both really sweet songs to end the dreamy December playlist.

there we go, all the songs that make up a little dreamy December playlist. Hope you enjoyed. Here’s the spotify playlist for you, happy listening 🙂



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