March Playlist

This past month has been one of those months where I seemed to find a lot of new music which I have absolutely loved. My music taste is quite varied but a lot of newcomers onto the Australian music scene have really been killing it.

The first artist which I discovered a few months ago is 15 year old Californian singer Billie Eilish with her song ‘Ocean Eyes‘ which drew me in because of the ethereal, dreamy vocals mixed with smooth synth chords. The mixing of this song is perfect, all done by her 17 year old brother (yes wtf two young kids creating music as good as this). This month the talented pair released a new song titled ‘Bellyache‘ which I just can’t get enough of. Her voice is just insane, and just feels so damn cool, like I should be skating down Venice Beach or something whilst listening to this. I feel like Billie Eilish is definitely someone to keep an eye on, at such a young age, she can only keep producing more and more original awesome tunes. So definitely give her a listen if you’re interested.

Along the lines of other young, talented newcomers I’ve also been loving Australian triple J unearthed winner, Gretta Ray, for her song ‘Drive‘. I didn’t hear this song originally as I was living in the UK at the time, and without Triple J playing in the car, I missed quite a few popular Aussie songs. But despite me jumping on the Gretta Ray bandwagon quite a bit later than everyone else I’ve been playing Drive on repeat in my car this month (as my boyfriend Tom has pointed out is always on when he gets in the car haha!). She’s playing in Newcastle at Newcastle University’s Bar on the Hill this May alongside talented Japanese Wallpaper, Ali Barter and other local acts. This month she has released a new song, ‘Towers‘ which is a more sentimental song looking back on a past relationship. It’s yet another amazing song from this young artist, and has definitely been repeated many times on shuffle this month.

And lastly, the other song that has been on repeat has been Holy Holy’s new song, That Message. This song has a fantastic fusion of a killer guitar riff, vocals and strong drum beat. My favourite part is the guitar though it really makes this song awesome. Also the music video linked features Newcastle born artist James Drinkwater who is a relative of mine, featuring him showing off the process of his art-making (which just added to why I had to mention this song). But in all honesty, the song is brilliant, and its no wonder Triple J is playing it on heavy rotation this month.

So here is the playlist I’ve been listening to this past month, hope you enjoy!



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